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County Waterford material examines overseas connections and focuses upon local communities.

"Waterford: Ireland's Canada County". Waterford's links with Canada go far beyond its well-known role in the Newfoundland fishery:


"Waterford and the South-East of Ireland, some links with Australia". The Waterford region also has connections with the history of Australia:


"The farmer landlord and the labourer tenant: a County Waterford sidelight on Ireland's Land War, 1882". John Kirwan was a prominent member of the Fenor, County Waterford branch of the Land League. He left himself open to criticism when he prosecuted William Power, a labourer, for failing to pay him rent for a one-roomed hovel.  Egged on by octogenarian magistrate Congreve Rogers, a landlord who had suffered in the Land War, Power ran rings around his opponent:


"A virtual stroll around an Irish village: Clashmore, County Waterford". Using Google Street View, with cross-references to other Internet sources, this online tour seeks to convey a flavour of a pleasant Waterford village:


"Father Michael O'Donel: The Newfoundland Adventures of a Clashmore County Waterford Parish Priest". Michael O'Donel arrived in Newfoundland in 1799, where he spent seven years ministering to a primitive fishing community. He died in Clashmore during the cholera outbreak of 1832:


"New Zealand reads about Ardmore (County Waterford), 1852-1931" New Zealand newspapers reprinted stories from Ireland and Britain. This selection explores what Kiwi readers might have learned about life in an Irish village:


"The Gladstone Streets of Ireland: a short note". In 2022, both Clonmel, in County Tipperary, and the city of Waterford have a Gladstone Street. This short Note seeks to explain why:


"Explorations in the history of Tramore, County Waterford: a list" is an introduction to:

"'A man among millions': Martin Joseph Murphy and the development of Tramore 1888-1919".

"Curing toothache by magic at Tramore, County Waterford in 1888".

"Tramore, Sierra Leone and Johnny McGurk"

"Holidays at Tramore in Verse (1894) and Prose (1910)"

There is also a sketch map of Tramore. 

For more detail, see: https://www.gedmartin.net/martinalia-mainmenu-3/297-explorations-in-the-history-of-tramore-county-waterford-a-list

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