Explorations in the history of Tramore, County Waterford: a list

"A man among millions": Martin Joseph Murphy and the development of Tramore 1888-1919

For thirty years, Martin J. Murphy was a driving force behind the development of Tramore. Race-course owner, golf-course promoter, hotelier, he combined a genial personality with efficiency and commitment in the service of his adopted town. From 1913 to 1918, Murphy was Nationalist MP for East Waterford at Westminster.


Curing toothache by magic at Tramore, County Waterford in 1888

When Tim and Bridget Dooley were arrested on licensed premises one Sunday evening when the pub was closed, it seemed an open-and-shut case. But the Dooleys volubly defended themselves, insisting that they had visited the hostelry because a young man working there had the "charm" that could cure their daughter's toothache.


The farmer landlord and the labourer tenant: a County Waterford sidelight on Ireland's Land War, 1882

John Kirwan was a prominent member of the Fenor, County Waterford branch of the Land League. He left himself open to criticism when he prosecuted William Power, a labourer, for failing to pay him rent for a one-roomed hovel.  Egged on by octogenarian magistrate Congreve Rogers, a landlord who had suffered in the Land War, Power ran rings around his opponent.


Tramore, Sierra Leone and Johnny McGurk

The chief legacy of the British Empire Exhibition of 1924-5 is Wembley Stadium, England's national football venue. Other buildings representing exotic imperial territories were sold off. Fairground entrepreneur Johnny McGurk bought the Sierra Leone pavilion and re-erected it at Tramore as a dance hall and cinema. What happened to this strange link with Africa?


Holidays at Tramore in Verse (1894) and Prose (1910)

A lively poem by a local bard depicts Tramore in 1894. A  journalist's affectionate diary of a day at the seaside in 1910 begins with tourists attending early-morning Mass, and ends (unexpectedly) with them playing roulette.


All five pieces, plus a sketch map, are in the martinalia section of www.gedmartin.net.

A New Zealand heritage tour through County Waterford

The tour includes Tramore as well as Dunmore East plus Annestown and Bunmahon.