Punch's Fancy Portraits: A Handlist

Between 1880 and 1889, cartoonist Linley Sambourne contributed almost 200 cartoons of contemporary personalities to the London magazine Punch, in a format called "Fancy Portraits". The Handlist identifies the individuals illustrated.
PUNCH'S FANCY PORTRAITS: A HANDLIST 1880-1884, 1885-1889                    compiled by Ged Martin
[Note: The listing of these illustrations is not intended to imply that they are available for reproduction in any jurisdiction. Users of the Handlist are advised to check copyright and trademarking legislation in any country where they may wish to publish. This version of the Handlist is re-presented in August 2019.]
On 2 October 1880, Punch published the first of a numbered series of "Fancy Portraits" which would continue until 1884. Lord Hartington, who had just become Indian Secretary in Gladstone's incoming cabinet, was the first person to be portrayed; the prime minister himself followed a week later. Within a few weeks, the series had branched out to include lesser-known politicians ─ such as Chichester Fortescue, Lord Carlingford, sometimes regarded as the prototype of Trollope's Phineas Finn, and other personalities outside public life ─ including Captain Shaw (apostrophised as "Oh, Captain Shaw" in Iolanthe), the chief of London fire brigade. Most cartoons were friendly, although aesthetes like Oscar Wilde were roughly handled: Swinburne and Burne-Jones were wrapped together in ribbons which were strewn into the words "Namby Pamby". The cartoons were also often visually witty, even if the Victorian humour of their captions has not endured equally well. Occasionally, they even provide evidence of Victorian pronunciation: the "Right Hon. Arthur Golfour", wielding his niblick, gives us a clue that Balfour was "Balfer" to contemporaries.
The artist was Linley Sambourne, who also drew for Punch's "Essence of Parliament", a weekly digest of the atmosphere of Westminster. Sambourne was a remarkable personality, almost entirely self-taught, and awesomely prolific. His Fancy Portraits had a fixed place in each issue, on the top half of a left-hand page, with a column of type on either side. Interestingly, they measure more precisely in centimetres than in inches: could it be that the quintessential voice of English distrust of all things foreign was secretly printing in metric? Cartoons were usually 9 or 10 centimetres wide and between 13 and 15 centimetres from top to bottom. Each was a line drawing, appropriate to the engraving techniques of the time. Usually the subject was sketched from top to toe, with the head and face out of proportion. Occasionally the subject's face would dominate the entire cartoon, but more often the face would be portrayed within an area no more than three centimetres square.
From a technical point of view, the Fancy Portraits have two attractions for authors and publishers. First, they are easy to reproduce through modern techniques of camera-ready copy. (As stressed above, it is of course the responsibility of anyone seeking to reproduce the cartoons to ensure compliance with current legislation in their jurisdiction regarding copyright.) Secondly, the series provides not merely unusual illustrations of well-known personalities but also pictures of lesser-known figures from the period. A major purpose of this Handlist is to make these portraits more accessible: students of the careers of Sir Charles Freake or the Duke of Buccleuch would perhaps not think of searching the files of Punch for illustrations of them.
It is also worth noting that the Fancy Portraits cover a cross-section of historical personalities who collectively span a century of active life. Gladstone and Tennyson were well-known in the 1830s, John Bright, Robert Browning and the engineer James Nasmyth came to the fore in the following decade, while Charles Darwin, Cardinal Manning, John Ruskin, W.H.Russell, Samuel Smiles and Anthony Trollope are names associated with the 1850s. The series includes three future prime ministers, Salisbury, Rosebery and Balfour, and others whose careers stretched into the twentieth century: John Morley, who resigned from the cabinet in protest against the decision to go to war in 1914, Lansdowne, who proposed a negotiated peace in 1917, Dunraven, the Unionist peer to whom fell the task of moving acceptance of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 in the House of Lords, and George V, who died in 1936.
By 1884, Sambourne seems to have been finding it hard to maintain his output, and the Fancy Portraits slipped from their earlier weekly regularity. On 21 June, Fancy Portrait no. 179 showed "The Writer who signs himself 'G' in the Fortnightly. Unusually, this was a back view ─ a portrayal which he had once previously used, and then to show the clean pair of heels displayed by the Derby winner of 1883. Back view or not, the thin frame and high wing collar of "G" was obviously intended to suggest Gladstone, and Punch probably found itself in the middle of an embarrassing row. H.S. Estcott, the editor of the Fortnightly, himself the subject of a Fancy Portrait, had received an anonymous essay entitled "England's Foreign Policy" through an unidentified intermediary who had claimed that the piece represented Gladstone's views. Estcott accordingly felt entitled to supply an attribution that hinted at the prime minister's authorship. Since the article was in fact critical of policies endorsed by Gladstone's own cabinet, its publication seems to have created a minor sensation in the narrow world of Westminster politics. Gladstone protested forcefully to Estcott, and cannot have been pleased by the bubble in the Fancy Portrait which had him exclaiming "What larks!" Two weeks later, Fancy Portrait no. 180 showed the eminently respectable Duke of Buckingham, but that brought the main series to an end. Sambourne was probably by now engaged in work on the illustrated edition of Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies, which appeared the next year, but the embarrassment of the Gladstone cartoon may have persuaded Punch to let the series die. In subsequent years, Sambourne occasionally used the Fancy Portrait format, and in 1889 a few unnumbered cartoons even used the title "Mr Punch's Fancy Portraits". These have been included in the Handlist, even though they do not form part of the main series.
The Fancy Portraits presumably reflected both Sambourne's enthusiasms and what Punch assumed would be the interests of its readers. There are 195 portrayals in the Fancy Portraits. (In a few cases, the attribution is uncertain: these entries carry one of more question marks in the Handlist.) Of the 195, one is a horse, and the other human but with a donkey's head, represents the "Muddlevex Magistrate", symbolising a favourite Punch target, the incompetent local government of the Metropolis (still formally run through the County of Middlesex). An analysis of the 193 personalities portrayed in the series may tell us something about the perceived values of the Victorian middle classes who read Punch. Categorisation is necessarily approximate, and some of the subjects have to be counted twice over. Lord Hartington, for instance, as a cabinet minister must obviously be included among the politicians, but as heir to the Duke of Devonshire he equally belongs among the Aristocrats as well. Tennyson, on the other hand, falls into the literature category, even though he subsequently received a peerage.
The Fancy Portraits are almost all of men: only seven women were included, and five of them were foreigners. The male focus is underlined by the two largest categories, 47 politicians and 22 aristocrats. Politicians were drawn from both sides of the Liberal/Conservative divide, and included a few shocking figures, such as the atheist Charles Bradlaugh and radicals Joseph Chamberlain and Henry Labouchere. Notably absent were the Home Rulers ─ perhaps not surprising, since Punch portrayed the Irish as simian and violent, but a striking omission given that the main series of Fancy Portraits coincided with Parnell's dominance over events. Pointedly, the only partial exception was the inclusion of George Errington, an English Catholic by birth who was MP for County Longford, notionally as a Home Ruler, although one swept aside by the Parnellite capture of the movement. Errington received a baronetcy, and a Fancy Portrait, in 1883 in recognition of his services as an unofficial link between the British government and the Vatican.
Of the aristocrats, eight dukes and three ducal offspring give some indication of the continuing grip of social hierarchy in late Victorian Britain. One, Buckingham, had served as chairman of a railway company and as governor of Madras, but the rest were celebrities mainly on account of their rank. On the other hand, the 1880s showed little equivalent of the later cult of monarchy. Two members of foreign houses and one court official hardly suggest a fixation with royalty. The two British princes illustrated were both serving officers: Queen Victoria's cousin, the Duke of Cambridge, as commander-in-chief of the army, and her grandson, the future George V, as a midshipman in the Navy. The conventional wisdom that the Victorian mind swelled with pride at the thought of the Royal Navy and largely ignored the rival service is to some extent dented by the fact that only two other sailors ─ as against nine army men ─ were included.
Law, with twelve entries, was perhaps predictably at the head of the professions, but more surprising is that in age often thought of as dedicated to amateurism, the lawyers shared primacy with scientists. Engineering and the railways could claim eight entries, medicine seven, and industry and commerce six ─ although the persistence of British snobbery can be traced in the fact that Bass the brewer was included after he had received a baronetcy, and hailed as a member of the beerage. Nine cartoons were devoted to Londoners ─ Lord Mayors, fire and police chiefs included.
The emphasis on literature and the arts may partly have reflected Sambourne's own interests, but Punch readers were evidently expected to welcome twenty literary figures, eleven from the world of music, nine from the theatre and seven from the arts. Two of the five journalists (Labouchere and Alfred Austin) presumably qualified either for politics or for poetry. Among miscellaneous categories, seven cartoons portrayed philanthropists or social reformers, but only two (including one doubtful attribution) could be specifically allocated to the world of education. Three were travellers, four were sportsmen, and seven came from organised religion ─ four Anglicans, two Cardinals and "General" Booth of the Salvation Army.
It comes as no surprise to find that foreigners played a very small part in Punch's Victorian universe, and that seven of the fifteen belonged to music and the arts: continentals, after all, were gifted at that sort of thing, and so Gounod, Liszt, Rubenstein, Strauss and Wagner gained their places. More surprising is the near-invisibility of the Empire overseas. A suitably Chinese portrayal is testimony to the strength of the Gordon cult on the eve of his suicidal martyrdom in Khartoum. Lord Lansdowne's appointment as governor-general of Canada is unambiguously portrayed as exile "out in the cold". Nothing in the often suggestive background to their cartoons hinted that Hugh Childers or Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke, had lived for a time in Australia, which makes its one unambiguous appearance through F.R. Spofforth, the "Demon" bowler of the 1882 tour, who was evidently already a household name even before his notable feat of taking 14 wickets for 90 against England at the Oval Test of that year.
Linley Sambourne's home life is the subject of a study by Shirley Nicholson, A Victorian Household, published in 1988 by Barrie and Jenkins. His house, at 18 Stafford Terrace in Kensington, is now a museum. (www.rbkc.gov.uk/linleysambournehouse/general/default/asp)
Using the Handlist.
Entries are alphabetical by surname. (Titles of nobility are cross-referenced.) The name is followed by dates of birth and death, then by an identifying description (e.g. "cabinet minister", "judge") and the biographical source consulted. In most cases, this is the DNB (Dictionary of National Biography), in the form of the Concise volumes (Part I, to 1900, in the 1979 imprint; Part II, 1901-1950, published in 1961). Some use has been made of M. Magnusson, ed., Chambers Biographical Dictionary (5th ed., Edinburgh, 1990). Other sources are referred to in short form, with the aim of providing confirmatory information to identify each entry, on the assumption that the Handlist will be used to search for specific individuals. It is not intended to function as a biographical dictionary.
The last line of each entry gives the volume number, page and date of each Fancy Portrait and (for those in the main series from 1880 to 1884) the "PFP" number originally assigned. Standard abbreviations are used, e.g. bart. for baronet; Con. for Conservative; FRS for Fellow of the Royal Society; Lib. for Liberal; MP for member of parliament, PM for Prime Minister, RA for Royal Academician.
The Handlist was originally compiled during the 1990s. Many of the subjects can now be identified through Internet searches.
ABEL, Sir Frederick Augustus (1827-1902)
chemist, chief official authority on explosives, FRS                     DNB
Caption: Able Professor, and Dynamite Detector
Depicted wearing a robe covered in symbols with odd-shaped vessels in background
Vol. 85, 24 November 1883, p.251                             PFP 163

AINSWORTH, William Harrison (1805-1882)
novelist                                                                         DNB
Caption: To the greatest Axe-and-Neck-Romancer of our time, who is quite at the head of his profession, we dedicate this Block. Ad Multos Annos!
Depicted wearing Elizabethan dress with quill labelled "Romance" and axe by his side
Vol. 81, 24 September 1881, p.135                             PFP 50

AIRY, Sir George Biddell (1801-1892)
Astronomer Royal                                                        DNB
Caption: The Astronomer-Royal who deserves the gratitude of his country for having "corrected the atmospheric chromatic dispersion".
Depicted atop an observatory dome
Vol. 84, 5 May 1883, p.214                                         PFP 134

ALBANI, Dame Marie Louise Cécile Emma 
(1852-1930) singer                                          DNB
Caption: "A Thing of Beauty is a Gye for Ever"
Depicted as a bird standing on Covent Garden
Vol. 81, 17 September 1881, p.130                             PFP 49

artist                             American Who was Who
Caption:  "The American Evening Star
Miss Anderson, by Jove!
Jaundiced critics may frown on you,
But you're the Lovely Statue.
Miss Anderson, by Jove!"
Depicted in Grecian costume with fairy wand
Vol. 85, 29 December 1883, p.310                                          PFP 168

ARNOLD, Matthew (1822-1888)
poet and critic                                                   DNB
Caption: Admit that Homer sometimes nods, that Poets do write trash,
Our Bard has written "Balder Dead", and also Balder-Dash.
Depicted in Roman toga and laurel wreath playing the lyre. Bottle of "Sweet and Light" in background and a snake labelled "Philistinism"
Vol. 81, 26 November 1881, p.250                             PFP 59

ASHLEY, Hon. Evelyn (1836-1907)
author, MP                                                                   DNB
Caption: First Class Chairman of Railway Rates and Fares Committee. Mem. from Evelyn's Diary "The Mark Lane Express ought to slacken speed on Sir Watkin's line."
Depicted as a child studying alphabet or ABC Railway Guide
Vol. 80, 9 April 1881, p.166                            PFP 26

AUSTIN, Alfred (1853-1913)
editor of National Review, later poet laureate    DNB
Caption: "Holding his National Review
Limpid no more I rush to court assoil,
Proud of the stains of decorating toil,
Soul soaring upwards far above my "leaders""
I cry "No Programme!" ─ and I get no readers."
Depicted as a figure on Pegasus carrying a banner of The Standard
Vol. 84, 3 March 1883, p.107                          PFP 125

AUSTRIA, Empress of             see ELIZABETH of Bavaria

BALFOUR, Arthur James (1848-1930)
Chief Secretary for Ireland, later (1902-5) Prime Minister DNB
Caption: Right Hon. Arthur Golfour, M.P.
As Irish Secretary known to fame,
Golfour, links-eyed, pursues his
Favourite game.
Depicted playing golf
Vol. 96, 18 May 1889, p.243   (Mr Punch's Fancy Portraits, not numbered)

BALLANTINE, William (1812-1887)
Sergeant-at-law                                                DNB
Caption: The Dashing White Sergeant
"And I will be your ─ Ballantine" (Feb.14)
Depicted in uniform wearing a monocle; female figure in background
Vol. 82, 11 February 1882, p.71                                  PFP 70

BARFF, Professor
Chemist                        Palmer's Index to The Times 
Caption: "Member for Boro-Glyceride. Our Preserver!"
Depicted contemplating on a container of Boro Glycerine with another container labelled Preserver containing fish, fowl, flesh etc.
Vol. 82, 20 May 1882, p.239                           PFP 84

BARNUM, Phineas T. (1819-1891)
American showman and impresario                   Pears Cyclopaedia
Caption: "Biggest Showman in the World; Bar-None"
Depicted with elfin ears, smoking, with a label "Mighty Dollar", leaning on a cranium with numbered com­partments, one labelled "Credulity" and the bust labelled "Human Nature"
Vol. 86, 9 February 1884, p.62                        PFP 173

BARTLETT, Sir Ellis Ashmead (1849-1902)
politician, Con MP for Eye                                            DNB
Caption: An Inquisitive Button-Holder who represents himself; in fact, a specimen of "Hook and Eye".
Depicted with his head in a feather in the shape of a hook with an eye underneath
Vol. 85, 18 August 1882, p.82                         PFP 149

BASS, Sir Michael Arthur (1837-1909)
brewer, created baronet 1882, MP                                           DNB
Caption: A New Beeronet, whose father refused a Beerage! Motto ─ "Bass is the trade that pays"
Depicted on horseback with shield labelled "Bass & Co, Pale Ale"
Vol. 82, 24 June 1882, p.298                                       PFP 89

BAZALGETTE, Sir Joseph William C.B. (1819-1891)
civil engineer, metropolitan drainage system       DNB
Caption: He is great at Drainage, and was made a Companion of the Bath.
Depicted as a nautical figure at end of drainpipe out of the Thames Embankment
Vol. 85, 1 December 1883, p.262                                PFP 164

BEAUFORT, 8th Duke of                    see SOMERSET, Henry Charles Fitzroy

BEDFORD, 9th Duke of                      see RUSSELL, Francis Charles Hastings

BENEDICT, Sir Julius (1804-1885)
musician                                                                       DNB
Caption: "Benedictus! Why Benedictus? ... He can woo in Festival Terms"
Depicted leaning on railing with musical notations; telegraph wires in background also have musical notations
Vol. 83, 26 August 1882, p.94                                     PFP 98

BENSON, Edward White (1829-1896)
Archbishop of Canterbury; first bishop of Truro DNB
Caption: "The new Archbishop. He said "Nolo Episcopari"; but they named the piece in which he was to take a principal part, and it was ─ "To oblige Benson""
Depicted as a flower in a mitre with the Truro mitre, a flower pot labelled "Wellington College" and books at his feet
Vol. 84, 6 January 1883, p.10                          PFP 117

BERESFORD, Lord Charles William de la Poer (1846-1919)
admiral and politician                                                    DNB
Caption: "Here and there, although at Sea,
Quite at Home out Yonder,
Silencing the Enemee,
Pop goes the Condor!"
Depicted as a sailor on small boat labelled Condor with cannon, gun and shells on deck
Vol. 83, 5 August 1882, p.58                                       PFP 95
BERESFORD, John Henry de la Poer, 5th Marquess of Waterford (1844-1895)
MP, KP                                                                       Complete Peerage
Caption: And did you never hear of a jolly young Waterford?
Ask at the Carlton, and then you will know;
A thorough good sportsman ─ he can time and thought afford
As judge of the horses at Islington Show.
Depicted as a rider surrounded by sporting symbols; poster in back­ground labelled "Horse Show" ---tural.
Vol. 80, 11 June 1881, p.265                           PFP 35
BERNHARDT, Sarah (1845-1923)
actress                                                              Who was Who
Caption: "The Transit of the Constellation Sara"
Description: head of actress in a ring labelled "Wedding Ring" with Cupid suspended 
Vol. 82, 15 April 1882, p.178              PFP 79

BLACK, William (1841-1898)
novelist                                                             DNB
Caption: "Black" Art
Depicted driving a Phaeton loaded with his novels
Vol. 80, 26 March 1881, p.142                        PFP 24
BLACKWOOD, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple
1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, (1826-1902)
diplomatist and administrator                                         DNB
Caption: "Again he urges on his wild career ─ to Turkey"
Depicted in Turkish costume
Vol. 80, 21 May 1881, p.238                           PFP 32
BOEHM, Joseph Edgar (1834-1890)
sculptor, RA                                         DNB
Caption: "The Horse and his Master"; or, the recently elected sculptor on his new R A bian steed
Depicted riding a toy horse, doffing his hat
Vol. 82, 18 February 1882, p.82                      PFP 71
BOOTH, William "General" (1829-1912)
founder of Salvation Army                    DNB
Caption: His Own Trumpeter
Depicted flying through the sky blowing a trumpet with a hymn book tied to his belt
Vol. 85, 27 October 1883, p.202                     PFP 159

BORTHWICK, Sir Algernon (1830-1908) 
MP, proprietor of Morning Post                                  DNB
Caption: "Here we go Up, Up, Up!
A penny goes down, down, down, O!"
Depicted as large bird with a smaller bird flying on him. Other props include Morning Post, a Two Pence and One Penny piece, a stuffed owl in a glass case and a military figure "Empéreur"
Vol. 82, 7 January 1882, p.10              PFP 65
BOWMAN, Sir William (1816-1892)
ophthalmic surgeon, FRS                                              DNB
Caption: "The Pupil of the Eye"
Depicted as the pupil in an eye
Vol. 86, 12 January 1884, p.22                        PFP 170

BRADDON, Mary Elizabeth (1837-1915)
novelist                                                                                     DNB
Caption: "Just as I Am"
Depicted holding a mask labelled SENSA...                
Vol. 80, 5 March 1881, p.106              PFP 21
BRADLAUGH, Charles (1833-1891)
freethought advocate and politician                    DNB
Caption: "The Northampton Cherub"
Depicted as a bat flying over Northampton
Vol. 81, 10 September 1881, p.118                 PFP 48
BRADLEY, Rev George Granville (1821-1903)
Dean of Westminster and schoolmaster                         DNB
Caption: "Bless Thee! Thou art translated!"
Depicted with wings flying above a church with mortar board on spire
Vol. 81, 1 October 1881, p.154                       PFP 51
BRASSEY, Thomas (1836-1918)
Lib MP, sailed round world in his yacht Sunbeam                      DNB
Caption: "Who went round the world on a sunbeam"
Depicted as a sailor on a sunbeam
Vol. 80, 18 June 1881, p.286                                       PFP 36
BRASSEY, Thomas (?as above)
Caption: "The Sandwich Man"
"Will he be the only one left to shake hands with himself and say to himself "Em-Brassez Moi"?
Depicted with a sandwich board saying "Royal Commission/ Till further notice/ Done on both sides/ Interpretation My Turn Next"
Vol. 79. 16 October 1880, p.178                     PFP 3
BRIGHT, John (1811-1889)
orator and statesman                                                     DNB
Caption: "Right Hon. John Bright, M.P." ─ as the dramatic author who tries to see his way to a successful Irish Peace without a Plot, and with "no great proper­ ties"
Depicted seated, writing with a quill pen
Vol. 79, 27 November 1880, p.250                 PFP 9
BROWNING, Robert (1812-1899)
poet                                                                                         DNB
Caption: "The Ring and Book-Maker from Red Cotton Night-Cap Country".
Depicted in nightcap with book and pencil and man holding "Pegasus" behind him
Vol. 83, 22 July 1882, p.34                              PFP 93
BUCCLEUCH, 5th Duke of     see       SCOTT, Walter Francis
BUCKINGHAM, 3rd Duke of             see GRENVILLE, Richard Plantagenet
BURNABY, Frederick Gustavus (1842-1885)
cavalry officer, traveller, linguist, pioneer balloonist, rode to Khiva, 1875 DNB
Caption: "Our Khivan Colonel, with the Pluck of a classic Horatius Cockles, ought to be member for Air-Shire"
Depicted as a balloon, smok­ing           
(Memorial poem in Punch, lxxxviii, 31 Jan 1885, p.49)
Vol. 82, 1 April 1882, p.154                                        PFP 77
BURNE-JONES, Sir Edward Coley (1833-1898)
painter DNB
Caption: Flowers of "Culture"; [or, a Swinburne-Jones cutting]
Depiction:  two heads emerging from hyacinth flowers labelled "Namby Pamby"
Vol. 80, 15 January 1881, p.22                        PFP 14
BURNHAM‚ Lord                  see LEVY-LAWSON, Harry Lawson Webber
BURTON, Sir Richard Francis (1821-1890)
explorer                                                                                                DNB
Caption: "Our Un-Commercial Traveller"
Depicted in Turkish dress with two figures in background labelled "Baedeker" and "Murray's Guide";
a bubble says "A bit ahead of us my boy".
Vol. 82, 13 May 1882, p.226                           PFP 83
BYRON, Henry James (1834-1884)
dramatist                                                                                              DNB
Caption: The pre-eminently successful dramatist, Junior Member of the International Literary Association, whose pieces, which have helped many managers to get on swimmingly, should always be alluded to by them as "Our Buoys"
Depicted in front of Theatre Royal entrance with little figures "Our Boys" and "Rogers, Clarke, Marie Wilton"
Vol. 81, 3 December 1881, p.262                    PFP 60
CAMBRIDGE, 2nd Duke of HRH       see GEORGE William Frederick Charles
CARLINGFORD, Lord                       see FORTESCUE, Chichester Samuel Parkinson
CARVER, Alfred James (1826-1909)  [identification not certain]
Master of Dulwich College                                DNB
Caption: "Evidently appropriate to the Festive Season"
Depicted carving a cow on which he is sitting, labelled "Saddle Mutton"
Vol. 81, 31 December 1881, p.310                              PFP 64
CAVENDISH, Spencer Compton (1833-1908)         
Marquess of Hartington, statesman                                DNB
Caption: "The Hartington" - our new moder­ator
Depicted as a lamp with sidelights labelled WHIG and ADVANCED LIBERAL
Vol. 79, 2 October 1880, p.146                                   PFP 1
CECIL, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (1830-1903)
resigned from cabinet in protest against 1867 Reform bill; later PM                    DNB
Caption: "As Corry O'Lanus begging the suffrages of the Citizens"
"I will, sir, flatter my sworn brother, the people, to earn a dearer estimation of them." ..."I will counterfeit the bewitchment of some popular man, and give it bountifully to the desirers."
Depicted as a Shakespearean actor with audience. Hat, stick and bottle of Whisky are props.
Vol. 82, 29 April 1882, p.202                         PFP 81
CHAMBERLAIN, Rt. Hon. Joseph (1836-1914)
statesman                                                                     DNB
Caption: "Poll and Partner Joe"
Depicted in Beefeater cos­tume and top hat, surrounded by nuts and bolts; picture of girl in background carrying a pitcher labelled CAUCUS with BIRMINGHAM around her skirt
Vol. 85, 20 October 1883, p.190                     PFP 158

CHILDERS, Hugh Culling Eardley (1827-1896)
statesman, secretary of state for war                  DNB
Caption: "In the costume of Mars, as he ought to have appeared (by kind permission of the Lord Chamberlain) in the Royal Review, Nov. 18th"
Depicted as the figure of Mars with shield labelled WAR OFFICE
Vol. 83, 25 November 1882, p.250                                         PFP 111

CHITTY, Sir Joseph William (1828-1899)
judge                                                                            DNB
Caption: "Joe Chitty!" Fortune favours Pluck
A Stroke of Genius, and a stroke of luck!
In boat, at Bar, on Bench, you are and were
By all acknowledged "Fairest of the Fair".
Depicted as a judge's head, wig labelled UMPIRE, sailing with barrels and chimney stack in background
Vol. 84, 17 March 1883, p.130                                                PFP 127

CHURCHILL, Lord Randolph (1849-1894)
statesman                                                                                 DNB
Caption: Lord Randolph Churchill
There is a midge at Westminster,
A Gnatty little thing,
It bites at night this mighty mite,
But no one fells its sting.
Its noise persistent, shrill ─ so, some 
say there's no sting, but "tis all "Hum".
Depicted as a flying insect
Vol. 81, 3 September 1881, p.99                                             PFP 47
see also Wolff (1 June 1889)
CLARKE, (Sir) Dr Andrew
physician to Gladstone                  DNB
Caption: "There was a sharp Doctor, and what do you think?
His simple prescription was "Wittles and drink".
"Wittles and Drink ─ most important is diet ─
And mind, Grand Old Man, you must keep Yourself quiet".
Depicted in toga and laurel wreath with a scroll in his hands
Vol. 84, 20 January 1883, p.34                                                PFP 119

CLARKE, Edward George (1841-1931)
Q.C.,  MP                                McCalmont's Parliamentary Poll Book
Caption: The Bitter Cry of the Parliamen­tary Clarke
"He leaves me out here in the cold;
By Jingo, it's going too far.
Gives nothing! Oh, yes, a nice old
Sort of Liberal Party you are!"
Vol. 89, 1 August 1885, p.58 ─ not a Fancy Portrait but in similar style)

COCKBURN, Sir Alexander James Edmund (1802-1880)
lord chief-justice                                                           DNB
Caption: "Lex Tally-Ho-Nis;" or, the Lord Chief Justice on his hobby in the 19th century
Depicted as a judge riding on his toy horse labelled "XIX Century"
Vol. 79, 6 November 1880, p.214                                           PFP 6
COLERIDGE, Sir John Duke (1820-1894)
1st baron Coleridge, lord chief justice                  DNB
Caption: As he may re-appear on his return from the States
Depicted as a Yankee with Stars and Stripes on his waistcoat and smoking a cigar
Vol. 85, 1 September 1883, p.107              PFP 151

COLLINS, (William) Wilkie (1824-1899)
novelist                                                                         DNB
Caption: As the Man in white doing Ink-and-Penance for having written the "Black Robe"
Depicted in a nightdress bearing Roman candle; background includes "Moonstone"; "Man & Wife"
Vol. 82, 14 January 1882, p.22                     PFP 66
COSTA, Sir Michael (1810-1884)
conductor                                                                     DNB
Caption: "Our Lightning Conductor"
Depicted conducting with limbs like fork lightning and rays of light around his head
Vol. 82, 3 June 1882, p.262                          PFP 86
CURRIE, Sir Donald (1825-1909)
founder of Union Castle Steamship Company, MP                                DNB
Caption: In consequence of the distinguished services of the Grantully Castle as a transport of the military, or a transport of Joy (with the Premier in it),
his fit and proper title should have been "Sir Donald Fetch-and-Currie"
Depicted as ship's figurehead "Grantully Castle", with troops boarding
Vol. 82, 22 April 1882, p.190                                   PFP 80

DARWIN, Charles Robert (1809-1882)
naturalist, Ll.D., FRS,                                      DNB
Caption: In his "Descent of man" he brought his own species down as low as possible ─ i.e., to "A Hairy Quadruped furnished with a tail and pointed ears, and probably Arboreal in his habits" ─ which is a reason for the very general interest in a "Family Tree". He has lately been turning his attention to the "Politic Worm".
Depicted sitting with a large worm with book entitled "Diet of Worms".
Vol. 81, 22 October 1881, p.190                                 PFP 54
DAY, Sir John Charles Frederic Sigismund 
(1826-1908)                judge DNB
Caption: "O Happy Day!" Mr John Charles Day, Q.C., appointed to the vacant judgeship in Queen's Bench Division. The next step will be to turn
DAY into KNIGHT, and may it be very long before the Break of Day! If Mr Baron Martin had not retired, how polished the Bench would have been with Day and Martin on it!
Depicted as a judge playing the cymbals
Vol. 82, 17 June 1882, p.286                           PFP 88
de LESSEPS, Vicomte Ferdinand (1805-1894)
engineer, builder of Suez Canal Pears Cyclopaedia
Caption: "His Excellency Don Ferdinando
Can't very well do more than he can do"
Depicted as a frog, with hat in which is stuck a ticket "Pouvoi[r] 
Exclusiv[e]". There is a smiling bull in the background.
Vol. 85, 11 August 1883, p.70                       PFP 148
de WORMS, Henry (1840-1903)
Baron Pirbright, politician, FRS                         DNB
Caption: "Baron Henry de "Worms", Bait for "Bait"; or, the right man in the right place".
Depicted under the sea with fish with the lower body as a worm wearing a crown.
Vol. 79, 23 October 1880, p.190                              PFP 4
DOUGLAS-HAMILTON,  William Alexander Louis Stephen,
12th Duke of Hamilton (1845-1895)                             Complete Peerage
Caption: "I'm Monarch of all I survey,
My Right there is none to dis­pute ─
Though that isn't quite what they say
In the parts about Arran & Bute."
Depicted in kilt, playing bagpipes standing on the Isle of Arran. 
"Callerherrin" is the label on a fish at the coast.
Vol. 81, 15 October 1881, p.179                              PFP 53
DRURY-LOWE, Sir Drury Curzon (1830-1908)
lieutenant-general                                              DNB
Caption: "General of Division, illustrat­ing a household receipt for 'spoiling the Egyptian', by a Steel Cut".
Depicted as a military figure with sword slicing a hippopotamus labelled EGYPT in two
Vol. 83, 21 October 1882, p.190                     PFP 106
DUFF, Sir Robert William (1835-1895)
Junior Lord of the Treasury                                           DNB
Caption: "The Junior-est Lord of the Treasuree"
Depicted in court dress reading a speech "signed by order W.E. Gladstone" standing on a book entitled "Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen-Banff" from the 'Spalding Club".
Vol. 83, 30 September 1882, p.154                            PFP 103

DUFFERIN, 1st Marquess of
see       Blackwood, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple

DUNRAVEN, 4th Earl of
see       Quin, Windham Thomas Wyndham

EIFFEL, Alexandre Gustave (1832-1923)
engineer                                                            Pears Cyclopaedia
Caption: "Our artist's latest tour de force."
Depicted as the Eiffel Tower
Vol. 96, 29 June 1889, p.324 (Mr. Punch's Fancy Portraits, not numbered)
ELIZABETH of Bavaria, Empress of Austria (1837-1898)
Chamber's Biographical Dictionary
Caption: We welcome her Majesty to Eng­land, while a plaintive voice is heard in the distance, singing "Come back to Erin, Mavourneen, Mavourneen"
Depicted on horseback, riding side-saddle
Vol. 80, 12 March 1881, p.118                     PFP 22
ELLIS, Sir John Whittaker (1829-1912)
MP, Lord Mayor of London, 1881-2               Who was Who
Caption: "The New Lord Mayor or, Ellis in Wonderland"
Depicted wearing a Mason's apron with giant turtle on his back
Vol. 81, 12 November 1881, p.226                 PFP 57

ERRINGTON, Sir George (1839-1920)
MP for Longford, created Baronet for services rendered at Rome         Who was Who
Caption: The Uncommercial Traveller
Depicted lounging in a boat cabin reading "Gionale" with trunk labelled ROMA
Vol. 85, 7 July 1883, p.10                             PFP 143
ESTCOTT, H.S. (1844-1924)
journalist; editor of Fortnightly Review             Wellesley's Index to Victorian Periodicals
Caption: "A man of the world, recently yet "for-Morley" appointed to the Generalissimo­ship of the Fortnightly Review Forces!"
Depicted reclining in arm­chair reading with quill labelled KOSMOS in hand. Other similar figure standing in window in background.
Vol. 83, 16 September 1882, p.130               PFP 101    
FARQUHARSON, Lt. Col. James Ross, 13th of Invercauld (1834-1888)
lieutenant colonel of Scots Fusiliers Guards
Caption: "My foot's upon my native heath ─ my name, McMasher!" Rob Roy
Depicted in Highland dress and top hat.
Vol. 84, 10 February 1883, p.70                               PFP 122

FAWCETT, Henry (1833-1884)
statesman                                                         DNB
Caption: "A politician of a certain stamp, and President of the Republic of Letters at St Martin-le-Grand's"
Depicted as a blind angler (on "Savings Bank")
Vol. 81, 5 November 1881, p.214                             PFP 56
FIELD, William Ventris (1813-1907)
judge                                                    DNB
Caption: ""Number One" ─ Mr Justice Field: This Court is Number Two, but I am not. I am Number One." Law Report - Morning Post - Feb 27. Bravo, Your Lordship!
may you long remain so, and be a "Fair Field and no Favour."
Depicted as a judge dancing.
Vol. 84, 10 March 1883, p.118                                PFP 126
see Petty-Fitzmaurice, Edmund George
FORBES, James Staats (1823-1904)
railway manager and art connoisseur     DNB
Caption: "Keep your eye on your Chairman, and your Chairman will pull you through." Toole's Trite Sayings
Depicted as half-man half-fish driving two sea serpents labelled CALAIS-DOUVRES and INVICTA with a trident in hand with a scroll on it saying CHANNEL TUNNEL SCHEME
Vol. 84, 17 February 1883, p.73                               PFP 123
FORTESCUE, Chichester Samuel Parkinson (1823-1898)               
statesman                                                   DNB
Caption: Who takes the Duke of Argyle's Post. Fiat Justitia, ruat Privy Coelum!
Depicted in uniform, with a bubble saying "Bless the Duke of Argyll"
Vol. 80, 23 April 1881, p.190                          PFP 28
FOWLER, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Nicholas
Lord Mayor of London, 1883               Whitaker, 1884
Caption: Triumphal entry, and Alderman Hadley upset
Depicted pedalling the Lord Mayor's carriage having knocked down a figure on the road.        
Vol. 85, 17 November 1883, p.238                           PFP 162
FREAKE, Sir Charles James (1814-1884)
cr. Baronet 1882 "of Cromwell House, Kensington"       Burke's Peerage
Caption: "A Freake of Fortune"
"There was the weight that pulled me up, O Cromwell Road!"
Depicted seated on a ladder with trowel in hand."The Bricklayer's Arms" on chimney pot and "Royal College of Music" on box at his shoulder.
Vol. 83, 15 July 1882, p.22                              PFP 92
FROUDE, James Anthony (1818-1894)
historian, literary executor of Thomas Carlyle     DNB
Caption: Carlyle's Speaking Likeness (grimly) -
"After my death I wish no other Herald
no other Speaker of my living Actions,
To keep mine Honour from Corruption,
But such an Honest Chronicler as ─ Froude".
Depicted as an artist drawing a portrait of Carlyle labelled
Vol. 83, 30 December 1882, p.302                  PFP 116
GAMBETTA, Léon M. (1838-1882)
French statesman, Premier 1881.                      Pears Cyclopaedia
Caption: Léon (or Napo-) Léon Gambetta?" That is the question"
Depicted in a Napoleon-like stance surrounded by little figures labelled "Commune","République",
"Frem­cine", "La Lanter", "Rochefort" and Napoleon standing on "Code Napoléon"
Vol. 79, 1 January 1881, p.302                                  PFP 13

GEORGE William Frederick Charles, HRH,
2nd Duke of Cambridge, (1819-1904)               DNB
field marshal and commander in chief of the army
Caption: "Extra Knight of the Thistle"
Depicted on statue of horse on pedestal labelled "Horse Guards"
Vol. 81, 29 October 1881, p.202                                 PFP 55
(GEORGE V,) Prince George of Wales,
(1865-1936)    DNB
Caption: But in spite of all temptations
To a lot of occupations
He became a midshipman
Depicted dancing a sailor's hornpipe
Vol. 84, 23 June 1883, p.298                           PFP 141
GILBERT, Sir John, (1817-1897)
RA, historical painter                            DNB
Caption: In him those wholly antique hours are seen,
To art an ornament, himself, and true,
Leaving to crazy limners pale sage green
To clothe limp lanky forms of sickly hue.
But him as for a map doth nature store,
To show false art true chivalry of yore.
Depicted dressed in suit of armour with paint brush in hand
Vol. 82, 28 January 1882, p.46                                  PFP 68
GILBERT, Sir William Schwenck (1836-1911)
dramatist                                                                      DNB
Caption: But in spite of all temptations
To Translations and sensations,
He remains ─ A Sorcerer Young Man,
A Pinafore Pirates Man,
A brilliant what I call quite idi-yacht-ical
Ballady Bab Young Man
Depicted as a seaman labelled "The Chloris"
Vol. 81, 6 August 1881, p.58                                     PFP 43
GINSBERG, Detective, see SHAPIRA
GLADSTONE, William Ewart (1809-1898)
statesman and author                            DNB
Caption: "The Pet of the Barley"
Depicted as a kilted figure dancing the Highland Fling after the removal of the Malt Tax
Vol. 79, 9 October 1880, p.166                                PFP 2
?‚"G" [Gladstone, William Ewart]
Caption: "The Writer who signs himself "G" in the Fortnightly"
Depicted with his back to us, writing at a table wearing top hat and tails,
with bubble saying "What Larks!"
Vol. 86, 21 June 1884, p.298                        PFP 179
Note: In June 1884, the Fortnightly Review published (705-11) an article,"England's Foreign Policy", signed "G". Estcott, the editor, claimed he had been assured the article represented Gladstone's views. The signature was clearly intended to hint at the PM's involvement, and by 17 June Gladstone had protested to Estcott. This incident may have brought the Fancy Portraits to an end.

GORDON, General Charles George (1833-1885) 
soldier, adventurer                                                 DNB
Caption: "Brilliant illumination from the Chinese (Gordon) Lantern".
Depicted as a Chinese lan­tern, flanked by two Chinese figures 
Vol. 86, 19 January 1884, p.34                                            PFP 171

GORST, Sir John Eldon (1835-1916)
lawyer and politician, member of "Fourth Party"       DNB
Caption: On the Fourth Party "Quorum pars Magna Fui - but it needs no"Gorst" to tell us that"
Depicted as a dog/sheep(?) on a desk labelled IV IV IV
Vol. 85, 22 September 1883, p. 142                        PFP 154
GOSCHEN, George Joachim, 1st Viscount Goschen (1831-1907)
statesman                                                                     DNB
Caption: This is a Jokem Goschen picture of a wise man from the East, at present ascertaining which way the wind blows.
Depicted as a bird on a perch with Conservatives and Liberals in the balance
Vol. 81, 13 August 1881, p.71                                   PFP 44
GOSSETT, Sir Ralph Allen (d.1885)
captain; Sergeant-at-Arms (House of Commons official) for 50 years
Caption: Sergeant-at-Arms representing "superior Force"
Depicted in armour with mace in background
Vol. 80, 26 February 1881, p.94                               PFP 20
Note: Gossett was Sergeant-at-Arms for 50 years, 1835-85 and a favourite Punch character. In memoriam poem 5 December 1885, Vol. 89, p.275
GOUNOD, Charles Francois (1818-1893)
French composer inc. Faust in 1859      Chambers Biographical Dictionary
Caption: "The Popular Composer of Faust Chacun à son Gounod"
Depicted as a figure of Faust looking in mirror; scroll of paper labelled REDEMPTION at side
Vol. 83, 4 November 1882, p.215                             PFP 108
GRAHAM, Major General Sir Gerald (1831-1899)
R.E., V.C., K.C.B.                                           DNB
Caption: "Our T'otherest General"
Depicted as a military figure in action, dead horse in background
Vol. 86, 22 March 1884, p.142                               PFP 177
GRAHAM, Peter (1836-1921)
Landscape painter; RA                         Dictionary of Victorian Landscape Painters
Caption: "'Tis true, 'tis Peter, 'tis Peter, And Peter 'tis, 'tis true"  Hamlet
See the Elect! The new R.A.
Provision this for "A Rainy Day";
Known as "Wee Peter" he was before
"Laugh Peter" now, "Wee(p) Peter" no more!
Depicted behind artist 's palette and "Imperial Pint" with a little figure "Midget" on one side and a mouse "Wee bit body" on the other and "Scottish Mist" in the background
Vol. 81, 17 December 1881, p.287                          PFP 62
GRENVILLE, Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, G.C.S.I. (1823-1889)       DNB
Caption: "My Liege, the Duke of Bucking­ham, is Taken"
Depicted as figure in loud check suit with floral hat with scroll, saluting policeman in background, and hut with indistinct label.
Vol. 87, 12 July 1884, p.14                                          PFP 180
GUEST, Montagu (1839-1909)
DL Dorset; JP London and Dorset                    Who was Who
Caption: "Count of Monty Guesto, M.P."
Depicted seated, wearing smoking jacket, studying Notes & Queries and Questions
Vol. 80, 28 May 1881, p.250                                       PFP 33
GULL, Sir William Withey, Bart. (1815-1890)
physician                                                          DNB
Caption: "The clever bird who added a Prince of Wales's Feather to his Plumage"
Depicted as a gull landing on a pile of prescriptions
Vol. 82, 25 February 1882, p.94                               PFP 72

HAMILTON, 12th Duke of,
see Douglas-Hamilton, William Alexander Louis Stephen
HARCOURT, Sir William C.G. Vernon (1827-1904)
statesman; introduced Ground Game Act                                  DNB
Caption: "Sir William Vernon Harecaught" ─ "after settling a very old offender, he has his eye on the juveniles"
Depicted as a hound with a dead hare
Vol. 79, 20 November 1880, p.230                        PFP 8

HARCOURT, Sir William V. (as above)
see  Hogg, Sir James McGarel
Vol. 86, 26 April 1884, p.202                                    PFP 178

HARTINGTON, Marquess of,
see  Cavendish, Spencer Compton

HAWKINS, Sir Henry (1817-1907)
judge (nicknamed "Hanging Hawkins)                           DNB
Caption: "The adviser of the Police, and the master of the Hard Sentences. He was recently down on the Threatening-Royalty-Letter-Writer "Like a Bird!"
Depicted as a bird wearing bowler hat with talons stuck in mail bag
Vol. 83, 2 December 1882, p.254                             PFP 112
HENDERSON, Sir Edmund Yeamans Walcott (1821-1896)
Colonel, Chief Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, 1869-86     DNB
Caption: Solo Air - "The little wee dog"
Oh where and oh where is the little Burglar?
Oh where on earth can he be?
With his hair cropped short, who is all night long
Committing some bur-gla-ree.
Depicted at head of a line of policemen
Vol. 80, 19 February 1881, p.82                               PFP 19
HERKOMER, Sir Hubert Von (1849-1914)
painter, RA                                           DNB
Caption: The Artistic Mr. Barlow teaching the Young Idea how to draw
Depicted as a stern figure with a bisom labelled "Made by myself". In the background are people in the CLOISTERS
with a set of rules displayed
Vol. 85, 15 December 1883, p.286                        PFP 166
HOGG, Sir James Macnaghten McGarel (1823-1890)
(with  Harcourt, Sir William Vernon)
Chairman Metropolitan Board of Works                                   DNB
Caption: "The Sir James M'Garel Hedge-Hogg worried by the Vernon-Harcourt Terrier"
Hogg is depicted as a hedge­hog and Harcourt as a terrier at a table labelled "Metropolitan Board of Works" with a pick and trowel in the foreground
Vol. 86, 26 April 1884, p.202                                    PFP 178
HOLKER, Sir John (1828-1882)
lord justice                                                                                DNB
Caption: "Jack with my Familiars, John with my brothers and sis­ters,
And Sir John with all Europe" / "Good Sir John, how like you ─!"
Depicted seated with pipe surrounded by items with "Jack" in the name, e.g. "Jack Tar", "The House that Jack built"
Vol. 81, 24 December 1881, p.298                          PFP 63
HOLL, Francis Montague (1845-1888)
painter                                                                          DNB
Caption: "Holl-o, Boys, Holl-o! Here's Another R.A.!" (Elected Thursday, 29 March)
Depicted as a bird with the wings making the letters R A; plus a wreath of holly on his head
standing on a rock-perch labelled LSD 
Vol. 84, 7 April 1883, p.166                          PFP 130
HOWARD,Cardinal Edward Henry (1829-1892)                              DNB
Caption: The Ex-Lifeguardsman, whom Prince Bismarck didn't feel strong enough to meet
Depicted in Cardinal's robes looking at a picture of his younger self
Vol. 85, 15 September 1883, p.130                           PFP 153
HUDDLESTONE, Sir John Walter (1815-1890)
last baron of the Exchequer, 1875                                             DNB
Caption: "One of the last of the Barons"
Depicted in armour
Vol. 82, 8 April 1882, p.159                          PFP 78
HUXLEY, Thomas Henry (1825-1895)
scientist, agnostic                      DNB
Caption: Professor of natural History, Naturalist, Inspector of Fisheries, etc.
"There is more in heaven and earth, O ratio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy"
(so perhaps he'll find it in the rivers).
Depicted in oilskins with fish
Vol. 80, 19 March 1881, p.130                                 PFP 23
INGHAM, Sir James Taylor (1805-1890)
police magistrate                                                                       DNB
Caption: The Eagle beak of Bow Street
Depicted as an eagle on a perch labelled THE ___NCH
Vol. 84, 12 May 1883, p.226                                    PFP 135                                                                    

IRVING, Sir Henry (1838-1905)
actor; appeared as Romeo in 1882                                           DNB
Caption: "Romeo! Romeo! Wherefore art THOU Romeo!"
Depicted as Romeo at balcony of Juliet
Vol. 82, 18 March 1882, p.130                                 PFP 75
JAMES, Sir Henry, Q.C. (1828-1911)
lawyer and politician, Attorney General                                     DNB
Caption: "CORRUPT PRACTICES" In his famous character of the Bribery-Bird Catcher
Depicted as a bird catcher; foreshadows Corrupt Practices legislation, 1883
Vol. 82, 21 January 1882, p.34                                  PFP 67

JONES, Thomas Heron, 7th Viscount Ranelagh and Baron Jones of Navan (1812-1885)
promoter of Volunteer movement in England     Complete Peerage
Caption: The Victorious Volunteer
Depicted as a sculpted figure in uniform flanked by cherub-like figures
Vol. 84, 24 March 1883, p.142                                 PFP 128

KNATCHBULL-HUGESSEN, Edward Hugessen (1829-1893)
1st Baron Brabourne 1880, Liberal politician, writer of children's stories            DNB
Caption: "The Fairy Changeling"
Depicted as figure blowing bubbles labelled "Queer Folk", "Whispers from Fairyland", "Moon Shine", "Crackers for Christmas", "Tales at Tea-Time",The Mountain Spirits Kingdom", "Uncle John's Stories", sitting on a scales labelled "Liberalism and Conservatism" on the Whig side
Vol. 83, 16 December 1882, p.279                           PFP 114
KNIGHT, Sir Henry Edmund (1833-1917)
Lord Mayor of London, 1882               Who was Who, 1916-28
Caption: "He can't be made a Knight, because he is one already. He has as Lord Mayor, a fine-Knight existence of one year. Now, "Good Day!" ─ then "Good Knight!"
Depicted as a figure on horseback drawing a carriage labelled WAT CO
Vol. 83, 11 November 1882, p.227                          PFP 109
KNOLLYS, Francis, C.B. (1837-1924)                    
Private secretary to the Prince of Wales                                    DNB
Caption: "Francis!" "Anon, anon, Sir!" Henry the Fourth
Depicted in doublet and hose and elfin shoes, surrounded by pieces of paper saying "Charity", "Launch", "Dinner" etc. On floor is an upturned cigarette box "The Bond Street Cigarette"
Vol. 84, 13 January 1883, p.22                                 PFP 11
LABOUCHERE, Henry Du Pré‚(1831-1912)
journalist and politician                                                  DNB
Caption: "Il Cigaretto per esser felice"
Depicted smoking with spirit of Truth in background
Vol. 80, 2 April 1881, p.154                                        PFP 25

LANSDOWNE, 5th Marquess of, see
Petty-Fitzmaurice, Henry Charles Keith

LAWES, Sir John Bennet, Bart. (1814-1890)
agriculturalist                                                                             DNB
Caption: "The Agricultural Lawes, the new Wheel-Barrow-Net". Motto, "Laus et Honor"
Depicted wheeling a wheelbarrow
Vol. 82, 10 June 1882, p.274                                       PFP 87
LAWSON, Sir Wilfrid, Bart. (1829-1906)
temperance advocate; radical MP                                             DNB
Caption: "A most effective Water-Spouter"
Depicted in a spiral of spouting water
Vol. 82, 11 March 1882, p.118                                 PFP 74
LEIGHTON, Sir Frederick (1830-1896)
painter, president R.A.                                                  DNB
Caption: "Drawing his Sword, as Colonel, for the last time"
Depicted as a military figure, about to draw his sword, with a horse in the background
Vol. 86, 16 February 1884, p.82                                  PFP 174
LENNOX, Lord Henry Charles George Gordon  (1821-1886)
MP Chichester                                                                         DNB
Caption: As "Master Slender"
Depicted as an emaciated strolling player
Vol. 84, 14 April 1883, p.178                          PFP 131
LEVESON-GOWER, George Granville William Sutherland,
3rd Duke of Sutherland (1828-1892)                                        DNB
Caption: The Iron (Rail) Duke finishing his great American ride of Twenty Thousand miles,
and returning "as fresh as when he started"
Depicted in kilt, with cigar, riding on front of train on "American ride"
Vol. 81, 9 July 1881, p.10                                         PFP 39
LEVY-LAWSON, Harry Lawson Webster (1862-1933)
Liberal MP, later newspaper proprietor                                  DNB
Caption: Parliamentary Athletics. The Honble. Member for S. Pancras W. supporting the Weights and Measures Bill
Depicted holding up scales and weights
Vol. 96, 25 May 1889, p.255 (Mr. Punch's Fancy Portraits, not numbered)
LIDDON, Rev Henry Parry (1829-1890)
preacher, Canon of St. Paul's                                                    DNB
Caption: "Canon of St. Paul's, firing up at another Canon in the Farrar Distance. He is all for 'short Service' and Sermon, i.e., the Liddon preceded by the Liddonry"
Depiction: head of Liddon being fired from a cannon
Vol. 83, 14 October 1882, p.178                              PFP 105
LIZST, Abbé  Franz (1811-1886)
Hungarian composer and pianist; took minor orders
New Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Caption: Abbé, Thought (of course) ─"Lizst, Lizst, O Lizst!"
Depicted as a clergyman at a piano playing Lizst
Vol. 85, 3 November 1883, p.215                               PFP 160

LOCKYER, Sir (Joseph) Norman (1836-1920)
astronomer, F.R.S.                                                                   DNB
Caption: Illuminating the Sun
Depicted as an artist standing on clouds with a candle and scissors in a box labelled SCIENCE
with the sun in the background
Vol. 85, 22 December 1883, p.299                              PFP 167

LOWE, Robert, 1st Viscount Sherbrooke (1811-1892)
politician                                                                                   DNB
Caption: "Lord Sherbrooke" 
"Now raised so high he tries to show
He quite forgets he e'er was Lowe"
Depicted as a smug cat re­clining on a cushion with two mice labelled "Bryant & May" and "Bell & Black" nearby
Vol. 79, 4 December 1880, p.262                            PFP 10
LOWELL, James Russell (1819-1891)
American author, teacher, public servant; published verses in Biglow Papers during the Civil War                                                          Dictionary of American Biography
Caption: "Birdofredum Saurn"; (Big) Lowell taking little rise.
Depicted as an eagle with a scroll "Big Low"in its talons. The sun in the background says FAME.
Vol. 86, 26 January 1884, p.46                                PFP 172
LOWTHER, Rt. Hon. James (1840-1904)
MP; Chief Secretary for Ireland 1878-1880                                          DNB
Caption: "Ex officio ─ or a 'Jem' out of the Emerald Isle"
Depicted as a footman
Vol. 83, 2 September 1882, p.106                            PFP 99
LUBBOCK, Sir John (1834-1913)
M.P, F.R.S.; secured passage of Bank Holidays Act 1871; did research on ants    DNB
Caption: "How doth the Banking Busy Bee
Improve his shining hours
By studying on Bank Holidays
Storage Insects and Wild Flowers!"
Depicted as a bee in among the wild flowers
Vol. 83, 19 August 1882, p.82                                     PFP 97
McARTHUR, Sir William (1809-1887)
Lord mayor of London; MP Lambeth                                                     DNB
Caption: "The Right Hon. Lord Mayor McArthur M.P. for the Aborigines"
Depicted in mayoral robes and chains surrounded by items which could get him a peerage
Vol. 79, 13 November 1880, p.226                             PFP 7
MACKARNESS, Rt. Rev. John Fielder (1820-1889)
bishop of Oxford    DNB
Caption: The "Reading Biscuit" Bishop (Huntley and) "Palmer qui meruit ferat". In return, Messrs H. and P. are quite ready to take "Orders".
Depicted as a puppet figure springing out of a box of H. and P. biscuits
Vol. 85, 13 October 1883, p.178                                 PFP 157
MANNING, Cardinal Henry Edward (1808-1892)
Anglican clergyman converted to Rome 1851; R.C. Cardinal 1875                     DNB
Caption: "And in spite of all Temptations,
If you read his 'Protestations',
He remains 'An Englishman'."
Depicted in Cardinal's robes regarding a Fancy Portrait of what he might have looked like as an Anglican bishop
Vol. 83, 9 December 1882, p.266                  PFP 113
MITFORD, Algernon Bertram Freeman (1837-1916)
secretary Board of Works                                                        DNB
Caption: "The Duke is very strangely gone"  Measure for Measure, Act I, Sc.v
Fabian (Punch) Did I not say he would work it out?   Twelfth Night, Act III, Sc.v
Depicted as a figure with surveying implements with road-building equipment around him
Vol. 84, 3 February 1883, p.59                    PFP 121

MONTEFIORE, Sir Moses Haim, 1st bart. (1784-1885)
philanthropist and centenarian                                        DNB
Caption: A "Hebrew of the Hebrews",  Who, on the 8th day of Chesvan (i.e. Nov. 8, very old style), enters on the Hundredth year
of his blameless, brave, and universally beneficent life.
Depicted in Old-Testament-style robes with a purse of CHARITY
Vol. 85, 10 November 1883, p.227              PFP 161
MORGAN, George Osborne (1827-1897)
MP, carried the Burials Act 1873 and Married Women's Property Act 1882     DNB
Caption: "He undertook the Burials Act, a most successful Undertaking! Now he's the man for the ladies! Vide his "Married Women's Property Act""
Depicted with two women kneeling beside him holding "Vote of Thanks". One kneeling on box labelled "Married men's Property"
Vol. 83, 7 October 1882, p.166                     PFP 104
MORLEY, John, Viscount Morley (1838-1923)
statesman and man of letters, MP Newcastle                                                     DNB
Caption: The Northern Light-Weight Showing how he went in pell-mell, and fought knightly
Depicted as a boxer with Newcastle on his waist band
Vol. 84, 31 March 1883, p.154                     PFP 129
Depicted as a donkey on the bench
Vol. 80, 16 April 1881, p.178                         PFP 27
NASMYTH, James (1808-1890)
engineer                                                                        DNB
Caption: The man who knows how to knock metal on the head with the right hammer!
"I saw Nasmyth stand with his hammer thus!"  King John, Act IV, Sc. ii
Depicted as a head on an anvil-type pillar with figures with black­smiths' tools in background
Vol. 84, 27 January 1883, p.39                        PFP 120
OUIDA‚ see Ramée, Louise de La

OWEN, Sir R. Cunliffe
?Sir Richard Owen, naturalist (1804-1892)                DNB
Caption: The Merman of the Fisheries Exhibition. Owen "everything to his owen energy"
Depicted as a merman dancing with nets
Vol. 84, 16 June 1883, p. 286                          PFP 140
OWEN, Professor, K.C.B. (1884)
? Sir Richard Owen, naturalist (1804-1892)               DNB
Caption: "A Knowin'  Professor"
Depicted in a poodle's body surrounded by dogs and a figure of a man with parcel in mouth reading "Natural History"
Vol. 86, 5 January 1884, p.10                                   PFP 169
PARIS, Comte de (1838-1894)
Pretender to vacant French throne         Zeldin, France 1848-1945
Caption: Le Nouveau "Chef" de la Maison de France, who, when French taste requires it, is preparing to give it a Fillip
Depicted in Chinese dress stirring a pot of "sauce Royale". Another pot is labelled "Orleans Plums".
There is a goose labelled "La République" hanging nearby
Vol. 85, 29 September 1883, p.154              PFP 155
PAYN, James (1830-1898)
novelist                                     DNB
Caption: The Payn, qui vaut la Chandelle to sit up and read him by, represented as the lost Sir Missingbird preserved by his own "High Spirits".
When he writes a novel, Payn takes a lot of trouble; and when Novel-Readers want some books, they take a lot of Payns.
Depicted surrounded by tree bearing fruit labelled with the names of his novels. Two bottles "High" and "spirit" at his shoulder
Vol. 81, 10 December 1881, p.274                           PFP 61
PEEL, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Viscount Peel (1829-1912)
Speaker of the House of Commons                               DNB
Caption: "The Court of A. Peel" A Speaker elected by general consent, in fact, without "words"
Depicted as a judge with an oil dispenser labelled "sweet Oil for troubled Water"
Vol. 86, 8 March 1884, p.118                                  
PETTY-FITZMAURICE, Edmond George, Baron Fitzmaurice (1846-1935)
statesman and historian; Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs     DNB
Caption: A Foreign Under Secretary-Bird at Question Time
Depicted as a stork on one leg
Vol. 84, 30 June 1883, p.310                                    PFP 142
PETTY-FITZMAURICE,  Henry Charles Keith
5th Marquess of Lansdowne (1845-1927)
Governor General of Canada                            DNB
Caption: In his new Canadian costume, specially adapted to remaining for some time out in the cold
Depicted in Arctic-wear clothing and on snow shoes
Vol. 84, 2 June 1883, p.262                                         PFP 138
PLAYFAIR, Sir Lyon (1818-1898)
Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons                               DNB
Caption: Deputy Speaker (Sleeper!) "A fair imitation of the genuine Brand"
Depicted trying to keep awake at all-night session
Vol. 80, 12 February 1881, p.70                               PFP 18
PRIMROSE, Archibald Philip, 5th Earl of Rosebery, (1847-1929)
statesman, author (prime minister 1894-95)                               DNB
Caption: "Our Rosebery Plate"
Depicted as a dapper figure with notebook/sketchpad in hand; statue of horse in background
Vol. 80, 4 June 1881, p.262                                         PFP 34

QUIN, Windham Thomas Wyndham, 4th Earl of Dunraven (1841-1926)
Irish politician               DNB
Caption: "The Dunraven"
"A very early bird, who generally gets on the Right Side in a 'Great Divide'."
Depicted as a raven on a perch (mace)
Vol. 83, 9 September 1882, p.118                            PFP 100
RAIKES, Henry Cecil (1838-1891)
politician (MP for Cambridge University 1882)  DNB
Caption: "And I've been standing for a U-Niversity; I've got-in-Un!"
("Anti-Jacobin" very much adapted")
Depicted in plus-fours raking in votes
Vol. 83, 23 December 1882, p.298                           PFP 115
RAMÉE, Louise de la (1839-1908)
novelist, author of 40 books including Strathmore     Europa Biographical Dictionary of British Women
Caption: "Ouida"
Depicted smoking with a dog begging. Lord Strathmore's portrait is in background
Vol. 81, 20 August 1881, p.83                                     PFP 45
RANELAGH, 7th Viscount Ranelagh and Baron Jones of Navan, see
Jones, Thomas Heron
REEVES,  John Sims (1818-1900)
tenor vocalist                                        DNB
Caption: "Then farewell my trim-built tenor Oratorio Sims, farewell"
Depicted singing
Vol. 80, 14 May 1881, p.226                                       PFP 31
?Richardson, Sir Benjamin Ward (1828-1896), physician                                  DNB
Caption: Dr. Richardson Retorting
Depicted as a head on a phial of Dr. Richardson's Elixir with a female figure in background
Vol. 84, 24 February 1883, p.86                               PFP 124

RISTORI, Madame (1822-1906)
actress                                                  Who was Who
Caption: "RistorI'd to us this week"
Depicted as a face in a medallion
Vol. 83, 8 July 1882, p.10                                         PFP 91

ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, 1st Earl Roberts (1832-1914)
soldier, later field marshal  (Roberts served with the Royal Artillery; hence the pun on initials here)                  DNB
Caption: General Sir F. Roberts, R.A. See the conquering Hero ─ goes. A picture of a soldier, and a very valuable specimen of a Roberts, R.A.
Depicted scattering invitations to the winds
Vol. 79, 11 December 1880, p.274                           PFP 11
ROSEBERY, 5th Earl of, see
Primrose, Archibald Philip
ROSSLYN, 4th Earl of, see
St Clair-Erskine, Francis Robert
RUBENSTEIN, Anton (1829-1894)
Russian pianist and composer    Grove's New Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Caption: "Il Demonio" Rubenstein-O
Depicted as a demon figure at a piano, composer of "Demonio"
Vol. 81, 23 July 1881, p.34              PFP 41
RUSKIN, John (1819-1900)
author, artist and social reformer                                   DNB
Caption: Mr. Narcissus Ruskin "Who is it that says most? Which can say more
Than this rich praise - that you alone are You!"
Depicted as an actor looking at his image in a pool; memorials to J.M.W. Turner and to Watt in background
Vol. 79‚ 18 December 1880, p.286               PFP 12

RUSSELL, Francis Charles Hastings, 9th Duke of Bedford (1819-1891)
President of Royal Agricultural Society                                   DNB
Caption: Supposed to be in an Idyllic Covent Garden, so it is the Fanciest of Fancy Portraits. His Grace has had his yacht, The Claymore, refitted;
why not have his Mud-more made sweet and clean, and kept so?
Depicted walking in an "Idyllic Covent Garden"
Vol. 80, 7 May 1881, p.213                          PFP 30
RUSSELL, Sir William Howard (1820-1907)
war correspondent                                            DNB
Caption: "Our own correspondent ─ The man for the Times"
Depicted on horseback writing "special correspondence"
Vol. 81, 8 October 1881, p.166                                   PFP 52

RYMILL, Mr."Bruce" [not identified]
Caption: "Going! Going! ...?"
Depicted as a jockey with mallet on horseback
Vol. 82, 27 May 1882, p.251                                    PFP 85

ST BLAISE, 1883 Derby Winner                     Whitaker, 1884
Caption: As backed by our Sporting Artist (rear view of horse and rider)
Vol. 84, 26 May 1883, p.250                                    PFP 137

ST CLAIR-ERSKINE, Francis Robert,
4th Earl of Rosslyn (1833-1890)                                   Debrett's Peerage
Caption: "O blame me not because my verse is rare!" Sonnet, No. IX
Depicted as a jockey on horseback. Saddle labelled Church of Scotland; crop a quill labelled Sonnets and Jockey Club on his cap.
Vol. 85, 8 December 1883, p.274                                PFP 165
SALA, George Augustus Henry (1828-1896)
journalist                                                           DNB
Caption: "And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew
That one small head could carry all he knew"
"Design for a stained glass window illuminated by Gas Light"
Depicted wearing a gown with a halo labelled GAS LIGHT, surround­ed by reference books.
Vol. 81, 27 August 1881, p.94                                  PFP 46
SALISBURY, 3rd Marquess of, see
Cecil, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne
SALVINI, Commander Tommaso (d.1915)
Milanese dramatic artist and landowner                        Who was Who
Caption: "Come, I'll go see this Italian!"
Depicted as an artist leaning on a pedestal, pointing to titles King Lear, Othello, Macbeth
Vol. 86, 15 March 1884, p.130                                 PFP 176
SANTLEY, Sir Charles (1834-1922)
vocalist                                                             DNB
Caption: "And whatsoever Tenor reign, I'll be your Baritone, Sirs!"
Depicted as an opera singer
Vol. 85, 14 July 1883, p.23                                      PFP 144
SCOTT, Walter Francis, 5th Duke of Buccleuch (1806-1884)      DNB
Caption: Buccleuch the Bold. Monarch of all the Lowland Glens.
"I am sure the Duke himself!" Comedy of Errors, Act V, Sc i
Depicted as a stag
Vol. 85, 25 August 1883, p.94                                  PFP 150
SEYMOUR, Sir Michael (Sir Breach-'Em) (1802-1887)
Admiral                                                                                    DNB
Caption: "Our Biggest Gun just at present"
Depicted in military uniform with flag on pole
Vol. 83, 29 July 1882, p.46                                       PFP 94

dealer in antiquities, attempted to defraud the British Museum          Google search      
Caption: Mr Sharp-Eye-Ra. Showing, in very fanciful portraiture, how Detective Ginsburg actually did Mr Sharp-Eye-Ra out of his skin.
Depicts Ginsburg arresting Shapira clutching Shapira Mss. outside [British] Museum
Vol. 85, 8 September 1883, p.118                           PFP 152

SHAW, Sir Eyre Massey (1830-1908), immortalised as 'O Captain Shaw' in Iolanthe
head of London Metropolitan Fire Brigade                 DNB
Caption: "The Fire King"
Depicted as a Fireman in haste
Vol. 80, 22 January 1881, p.34                                 PFP 15

SHAW-LEFEVRE, George John, Baron Eversley (1831-1928)
politician; Commissioner of Works                                                        DNB
Caption: "The Story of Lefevre" The First Man after Adam as Commissioner of Works
Depicted with shovel and trowel labelled "Public Buildings"
Vol. 80, 29 January 1881, p.46                                    PFP 16

SIEMENS, Sir William (1823-1883)
metallurgist and electrician; FRS                                                DNB
Caption: The Electric Knight-Light
Depicted with his head in the shape of light bulb
Vol. 85, 28 July 1883, p.46                                          PFP 146

SMILES, Samuel (1812-1904)
author and self-help social reformer                                           DNB
Caption: "Self-Help", by Smiles
Depicted relaxing in a chair holding glass of Dry Monopoly Champagne with books at his feet
Vol. 85, 21 July 1883, p.34                                          PFP 145
SMITH, Sir Archibald Levin (1836-1901)
judge;  rowing Blue                                                                    DNB
Caption: Not Levin' Smith, but taking Smith and A. L-evating him to the Bench, where he'll rest on his oars.
Depicted in rowing gear with his oars and a judge's wig on the BENCH with him
Vol. 84, 9 June 1883, p.274                                         PFP 139
SOMERSET, Henry Charles Fitzroy, 8th Duke of Beaufort (1824-1899)
Complete Peerage
Caption: "The 'Blue', The Fresh, The Ever Free!"
Depicted in great coat and top hat
Vol. 82, 4 February 1882, p.59                                    PFP 69
SPOFFORTH, Frederick Robert (1853-1926)
Australian cricketer, obviously well known in England before taking 14/90 in the Oval Test in August 1882         DNB
Caption: "The Demon" or Imp-etuous Bowler, representing Cricket on t'other side of the H-earth
Depicted as an ant with his body as a cricket bat and a ball at one end of one antenna
Vol. 82, 1 July 1882, p.310                                          PFP 90

STANLEY, Henry Morton [alias John Rowlands] (1841-1904)
explorer and journalist; founder of Belgian Congo                      DNB
Caption: Portrait of the Explorer looking out for M. de Brazza."I'll let him know if he Con-go on like this!"
Depicted as an explorer with rifle followed by an African slave
Vol. 83, 28 October 1882, p.203                                 PFP 107
SULLIVAN, Sir Arthur Seymour (1842-1900)
composer                                                                                 DNB
Caption: "When Arthur first at Court began" ─
Depicted conducting wearing a pinafore standing on a violin case with "Cox and Box"
and "Trial by Jury" in background
Vol. 79, 30 October 1880, p.202                                 PFP 5
STRAUSS, Eduard (1835-1916) (not a Fancy Portrait but same format)
Austrian composer and conductor; composed a polka for London International Inven­tions Exhibition, 1885
"He hops und schumps und marks der time,
Und shows such taste and nous,
Dot dere's to equal him no vun,
Mine clever Eduard Strauss!"
Depicted playing a violin vigorously
Vol. 88, 20 June 1885, p.298

SUTHERLAND, 3rd Duke of, see
Leveson-Gower, George Granville William Sutherland
SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles (1837-1909)
poet                                                                             DNB
Caption: "Flowers of 'Culture'; or, a Swinburne-Jones Cutting"
Depicted with Burne-Jones as two hyacinths in a bowl with inscription "Namby Pamby"
Vol. 80, 15 January 1881, p.22                                    PFP 14

SYKES, Christopher
MP                                                                  McCalmont's Parliamentary Poll Book
Caption: Inscription in French and "Keep up the Christopher!" - Puff
Depicted in Roman toga and laurel wreath drinking champagne, with menu at his feet
Vol. 83, 18 November 1882, p.238                             PFP 110
TENNYSON, Alfred (1809-1892)
Poet Laureate                                                               DNB
Caption: "Alfred the Great" Poet Laureate. "What we call our Bard's our Best.  And may his poetry never be werse!"
Depicted in Elizabethan dress with a hawk perched on one hand and holding THE CUP in the other.
Vol. 82, 25 March 1882, p.142                                    PFP 76
THOMPSON, Sir Henry (1820-1904)
surgeon                                                                                    DNB
Caption: Great Artist-Surgeon, who so well is able
To point a pencil and adorn a table?
First in the ranks of men of light and leading
Our best authority on food and feeding.
Depicted with a giant "Knife" with other surgical instruments
Vol. 81, 30 July 1881, p.46                                          PFP 42

TROLLOPE, Anthony (1815-1882)
novelist                                                                                     DNB
Caption: Anthony Trollopius Author of the last Chronicles of Cicero "O Rare for Antony!"
Depicted with bust of Cicero surrounded by books
Vol. 80, 5 February 1881, p.58                                    PFP 17
TSENG, Chi-tse, The Marquis (1837-1890)
succeeded to title in 1887 and thenceforth known as "Marquis Tseng"
envoy and ambassador                                     A Chinese Biographical Dictionary
Caption: The Marquis Tseng
Depicted with dove perched on his finger, sitting on a bull terrier
Vol. 85, 6 October 1883, p.166                                   PFP 156

VINCENT, Sir (Charles Edward) Howard (1849-1908)
politician; first director of criminal investigation at Scotland Yard            DNB
Caption: "Director of Criminal affairs in the Metropolitan Police"
Depicted as a judge reading"Mon_ Lecoq___"
Vol. 81, 16 July 1881, p.23                                          PFP 40

WADDINGTON, William Henry (1826-1894)
French Ambassador to GB                               Pears Cyclopaedia
Caption: The clever Bull-Poodle of Anglo-French Breed;  mais, L'Union fait la force.
Depicted as a poodle with letters strewn around him spelling DIPLOMACY
Vol. 85, 4 August 1883, p.58                                       PFP 147
WAGNER, (Wilhelm) Richard (1813-1883)
German composer                    Grove's New Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Caption: "The Bi-Cycle-ist of her Majesty's and Drury Lane"
Depicted with Penny-Farthing bicycle
Vol. 82, 6 May 1882, p.214                                         PFP 82

WATERFORD, 5th Marquess of, see
Beresford, John Henry de la Poer
WATKIN, Sir Edward William 1st Bart. (1819-1901)  [see also ASHLEY]
railway promoter                                              DNB
Caption: Now, how came Sir Watkin, whose fame we all must know,
As a light on the Railway to shine?
Why, the way it was done doth this picture clearly show,
He trained himself up in the railway he should go
By studying "Line upon line"
Depicted seated, thinking, on a steam engine
Vol. 80, 2 July 1881, p.310                                          PFP 38

WELLS, Sir Thomas Spencer, 1st Bart. (1818-1897)
surgeon                                                            DNB
Caption: Or, Sir Dispenser Wells
Depicted raising a bucket labelled MEDICAL SCIENCE from a well
Vol. 84, 19 May 1883, p.238                                       PFP 136

WILDE, Oscar  (1856-1900)
wit and dramatist                                              DNB
Caption: "O, I feel just as happy as a bright Sunflower!"
Aesthete of Aesthetes!  What's in a name?
The poet is WILDE,  But his poetry's tame
Depicted as a sunflower; urn labelled "Waste" next to him
Vol. 80, 25 June 1881, p.298                                       PFP 37
WILLIAMS, Montagu Stephen (1835-1892)
barrister                                                            DNB
Caption: "In his brilliant Bar Practice, resting after a flight of eloquence"
Depicted as acrobat sitting on The Bar
Vol. 82, 4 March 1882, p.106                          PFP 73
WILLIAMS WYNN, Sir Watkin  (1820-1885)
paternalist Welsh landowner                                          Debrett's Peerage
Caption: "The Prince in Wales"
"I am monarch of all I survey
My right there is none to dispute"
Depicted with crude crown sitting on throne-like chair with a horse whip and hunting horn in his hands
Vol. 84, 28 April 1883, p.202                          PFP 133

WILLIAMSON, Chief Superintendent             (police officer, not separately identified)
Caption: At the head of the Dynamite-Detection and Fenian Ferreting-out Department
"Palmam qui meruit - Ferret"
Depicted as a ferret holding a cage of rats
Vol. 84, 21 April 1883, p.190                          PFP 132

WILSON, Sir William James Erasmus (1809-1884)
surgeon; dermatologist; helped bring Cleopatra's Needle to London        DNB
Caption: "Rem Acu Tetigisti'
Depicted standing with an obelisk with scroll labelled "Dermatology"
Vol. 81, 19 November 1881, p.238                             PFP 58
WOLFF, Sir Henry Drummond Charles (1830-1908)
MP; member of Fourth Party                                                    DNB
Caption: Sir Drumming Wolff, M.P.
Depicted as a wolf beating a drum labelled QUESTION
Vol. 83, 23 September 1882, p.142                             PFP 102

WOLFF. Sir Henry Drummond Charles (as above)
Caption: "The Wolff at the door." [Sir Drummond has returned from Persia]
Depicted as a wolf, with label tied to collar addressed to "Grandolph Arms London S.W."
Vol. 96, 1 June 1889, p.267 (Mr. Punch's Fancy Portraits, not numbered)

WOLSELEY, Sir Garnet Joseph (1833-1913)
Quarter Master General; army reformer                                    DNB
Caption: "Short Service and quick returns"
Depicted as part-bird with Burmah, Crimea, China, India, Red River, Transvaal, Natal, Zulu on his tail plumes
Vol. 83, 12 August 1882, p.70                                     PFP 96

YATES, Edmund (1831-1894)
novelist                                                 DNB
Caption: Edmundus - Ed. Mundi "The world's mine oyster"
Depicted opening a giant oyster with pearl inside. "Thyme is money" on bag in background
Vol. 80, 30 April 1881, p.202                          PFP 29